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An Unusual Ministry with an Unusual Anointing

About FFM

   History of Faithfilled Ministries


In the fall of 1993 our founder, Pastor Mindy A Butler, was given a class assignment to write a story about a church as a part of "history" in an "old town." It was then that Faithfilled Ministries was spoken in her Spirit. She had never heard of a church with "filled" on the end and named the church in the story "Faithville" instead.

Over the years God continually prepared her for the ministry that He had called her into. In 2002 after much prayer and fasting God revealed to our founder that she was to preach the Word to young people, travel and do street revivals, minister through poetry, teach single women, and establish a church. In 2004 Faithfilled Ministries became a federally recognized non-profit organization when it obtained its tax ID number. From this point there were various activities done in the name of Faithfilled Ministries. There has been outreach programs, lock-ins and conferences for singles, partnered with other ministries, praise parties, and in 2011 the ministry started organizing tours throughout NC and along the east coast within other states. Faithfilled Ministries also has a group on Facebook and produces notes, blogs, and encouraging words in general. Therefore, there are two components to Faithfilled Ministries: the church, and the outreach ministries previously mentioned.

In December of 2008 God spoke to our pastor about launching the church in Greensboro, NC. The first service was held on Feb. 8, 2009 in the Elliott Center on the campus of UNCG.

God has great things in store for the people that will be touched through this ministry. Continue to uplift us up in prayer and please visit us again to see what God is using us to do in His Kingdom. 

About Faithfilled Ministries

Faithfilled Ministries is Associated with: 

Restoration Christian Fellowship Intl

The vision for Faithfilled Ministries (FFM) was given to Mindy A. Butler in 2004. The justification of this ministry is faith along. Faith is: A Firm foundation (Matthew 21:42), Accepting Christ (Matthew 18:2-5), Instrumentally Inclined 2 Timothy 1:6), Trusting God (Psalms 9:10; 18:2), and Hope Romans (8:24 – 25, Psalms 42:1-3).It is through F.A.I.T.H. that the visionary has lived a life that demonstrates doing God’s will no matter the cost or the questions it may raise.

The objective of FFM is to cry loud and spare not so that all may be healed.

The purpose of Faithfilled Ministries is found in Isaiah 61:1-3, and 2 Tim. 4:2&5. God has commissioned this ministry to be a mirror to all souls that they may see the truth and have a desire to be changed. We are a ministry that believes in deliverance and imparting into people what God has given to us. Simply, that is overcoming and defeating everything that is not like God in your life.

Faithfilled Ministries is a ministry operated under the direction of the Holy Ghost. It is geared toward all those who are spiritually blinded by the enemy, hurting, and those needing deliverance.

This ministry operates as an evangelical ministry. This means that the outreach is not just done in one area, but it is a nationwide ministry with hopes of being international. FFM is currently focusing on three areas of ministry. Anointed and Appointed which is the college ministry. Here for You that is the outreach portion of the ministry. Single and Satisfied which is a ministry to the singles.